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wooden pergola with cover. wooden patio benches with cushions with mountain background


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Are you looking for a way to enhance the quality of your outdoor living experience? Do you want to upgrade your deck or patio to give it more visual appeal? Do you want to spend more time outdoors? Covering your space with a pergola can give you shade from the bright Jamaican sun or even protect you from the rain. A pergola can extend your living space, providing you with an extra spot for entertaining friends and family or just to relax by yourself. 

Pergolas in Jamaica

We've been building pergolas across the island for over a decade. Throughout those years we've built a reputation for providing our clients with exceptional service & craftsmanship. Whatever you need us to do for your residence or commercial space, at Outdoor Projects we only use high-quality materials to meet the strictest requirements and we guide our clients every step of the way to ensure their needs 

are met. Take a look at some of our work. 

Bedford HDPE Lumber

At Outdoor Projects, we're always looking for new ways to improve. That's why we offer using Bedford HDPE to our clients. This is a high-quality wood alternative that you can use for your pergola. It requires far less maintenance than wood, last longer and are resistant to termites & to rotting, warping, fading & splintering.

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