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A deck is more than just a deck. A deck is an extension of your living space; a place for you to entertain family & friends and to create your favourite memories. We've been in the outdoor living industry in Jamaica for a long time and more and more we see that decks are becoming an integral part of the outdoor living experience. Many of our clients have even said they just couldn't imagine living in a house without a deck. Whether you chose to build a  large deck or a small cosy one, we can assure you that a deck built by Outdoor Projects is a deck you'll love!

 Decks in Jamaica

We've been building decks across the island for over a decade. Throughout those years we've built a reputation for providing our clients with exceptional service & craftsmanship. Whatever you need us to do for your residence or commercial space, at Outdoor Projects we only use high-quality materials to meet the strictest code requirements.

A strong foundation is based on working with good products, and no one knows that better than Outdoor Projects. 

Composite Decking

At Outdoor Projects, we're always looking for new ways to improve. That's why we offer using composite woods like Trex composite decking & Bedford HDPE lumber to our clients. These are high-quality wood alternatives that you can use for your deck. They require far less maintenance than wood, last longer and are resistant to termites & to rotting, warping, fading & splintering. And the best part is they come with a manufacturers warranty!

  • What is the process for getting a project with Outdoor Projects
    To begin your project with Outdoor Projects, the first step is to schedule a consultation with our team. During the consultation we will conduct a needs assessment, evaluate your site and discuss your design options. Following the consultation, we will provide a detailed estimate based on the scope of work, project timeline and payment schedule. Clients will have the opportunity to review and provide feedback, ensuring that their satisfaction with the proposed project & costs. Once the proposal is accepted and a deposit is paid, we will begin the implementation phase working efficiently and with attention to detail to bring the outdoor project to life. After the completion of the project, we offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your outdoor space looking its best. At Outdoor Projects, we are committed to providing exceptional service and creating outdoor spaces that exceed our clients' expectations.
  • How much does this cost?
    Project costs vary depending on factors such as size, materials, site specifics, and design preferences. To provide an accurate estimate tailored to your needs, we suggest scheduling a consultation. During this session, we'll assess your requirements, evaluate the site, and discuss design options. This ensures we deliver a personalized and precise cost estimate for your project.
  • How can I schedule a consultation?
    Scheduling a consultation with our company is easy! Simply visit our website and navigate to the "Contact" or "Book a Consultation" page. From there, you can fill out a brief form with your contact information and a brief description of your project needs. Alternatively, you can call our office directly during business hours and speak with one of our friendly staff members who will assist you in scheduling a consultation at a time convenient for you. Please note there is a consultation fee based on location. We look forward to discussing your project and helping you bring your vision to life!
  • Do you work island wide?
    Yes, we offer our services island-wide to ensure accessibility and convenience for all our clients. No matter which parish you're in, we strive to accommodate your needs and provide quality service wherever you are.
  • What payment options does Outdoor Projects Ltd offer for customers making purchases?
    Outdoor Projects Ltd. offers several convenient payment options for our customers. For furniture & project payments we accept all major credit and debit cards online and in store. We also accept bank transfers and checks. At Outdoor Projects Ltd, we are committed to ensuring that our customers have a variety of secure and convenient payment options to choose from.
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