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Outdoor Maintenance 101: Deck Maintenance

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Last year we had asked our clients for testimonials. In one of those responses, a few of our clients said they just couldn't imagine living in a house without a deck. At first, it seemed a little bold, but more and more we see that decks are becoming an integral part of the outdoor living experience. They're a great spot to entertain family and friends and just enjoy being outdoors.

Decks are like cars, they need regular maintenance to ensure they look as good as new and are still functional. Without it, your deck can become an eyesore, or in the worst cases an accident or lawsuit waiting to happen.

We don't want that for you at ALL. So we've broken down how to maintain your deck:

Pressure Wash Your Deck Annually

pressure washing a deck. regular deck maintenance

Over time, deck boards can accumulate dirt, mould, leaves and other things that can cause them to rot prematurely or become discoloured. Pressure washing is a good way to prevent this. Done properly, pressure washing can bring back life to your deck & extend your deck life by a few years. We recommend that you use a fan tip and wash along the grain and length of the board using between 500 and 600 psi for decks made from softwoods like pine, and between 900 and 1400 psi for decks made from hardwoods like teak or ipe. Avoid aiming too close to the deck surface as this can damage the deck boards.

Sand & Restain Regularly

stain and restain deck regularly as part of maintenance

If you've had your deck for more than a year then you'll notice that the stain fades over time. To make sure your deck remains looking as good as new, we recommend sanding and restaining every 2 to 3 years. For the best results, I would recommend sitting this one out and letting the professionals handle this job. They'll have the proper tools and you'll have a more uniformed looking stain.

Inspect Your Deck Regularly

Older decks have a greater risk of having issues with deck boards, or worse, with the substructure of the deck. Deck boards can begin to rot, warp or splinter. Termites can begin to eat away at the wood. Screws and fasteners can begin to rust. Leaving these issues unchecked can lead to serious accidents or injuries from splinters or broken deck boards. To save yourself some time, money and a trip to the emergency room, you should call a professional every other year for inspections. This way they can assess if there is any damage and they can replace the compromised parts of your deck.

The Low Maintenance Option

If you still love the idea of a deck, but you're less in love with the idea of maintaining it, we've got you covered. At Outdoor Projects, we carry Trex composite decking and Bedford HDPE plastic lumber. These premium wood substitutes give you the look of wood, are virtually maintenance-free and have 25 and 50-year warranties. They won't rot, warp, or fade. If that's not good enough, they're also termite resistant and environmentally friendly!


Check out our other recent blog post on the health benefits of spending more time outdoors! Stay tuned for our next blog post where we talk about outdoor decor for small spaces. This will be great for apartment and townhouse owners who need some inspiration.

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