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4 Health Benefits of Spending More Time Outdoors

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Do you find yourself spending most of your time cooped up inside in front of a screen? Turns out, you're not the only one. On average, we spend 90% of our time indoors in spaces with little or no natural light, non-existent green spaces and very little fresh air. We all love the comfort of being indoors, but spending too much time inside can leave you feeling anxious, sluggish and dissatisfied. What if I told you that spending more time outside, and enjoying all that nature has to offer has the opposite effect and could actually help improve your health? According to recent studies, spending more time outdoors is linked to many health benefits, but for this blog, I'll give you the top 4 benefits.

  1. Lower Levels of Stress and Anxiety

If you find yourself having frequent headaches, persistently tired or sick, or feeling agitated or worried, this one's for you. Spending time outdoors decreases your cortisol levels, and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. In fact, a study of the preventative health benefits of nature therapy reports that participants felt 55% more relaxed from just sitting in a forest. So the next time you feel stressed or anxious, try grabbing a cup of tea or your favourite book and heading outside for some relief.

2. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

As we inevitably grow older, the risk of developing heart disease increases. If you smoke or have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes the risk is even greater. Luckily, spending time outdoors has been found to reduce this risk as it has been linked to decreased blood pressure and heart rate. Adding some physical activity to your time outdoors can also amplify these benefits.

3. It's better for your eyesight

It's time to put down your phone or laptop. You've heard over and over how bad prolonged exposure to screens is for our eyesight. Unfortunately, going outside won't reverse any damage already done to your eyes. However, it does expose you to more natural light and more visual stimulation and it allows you to look at greater ranges than just 2 feet in front of you. For children and teenagers spending time outdoors decreases the risk of developing nearsightedness according to new Canadian research. So, to save you or your child a trip to the ophthalmologist or Island Eyewear, consider spending more time outdoors.

4. Lower Chances of Osteoporosis

Ladies, this one is for us. As we age, we're 4 times more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. The disease is characterized by a reduction in bone density & quality, making fractures more likely. Spending more time outside exposes us to more sunlight, which is our source for Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential to our body's ability to absorb calcium, the mineral needed for bone development. So, grab your girlfriends and head outside to soak up the sun!

I know, all your favourite things are inside: your phone, Netflix, Instagram, and your bed. But there's so much to explore outside and a little break from inside is good! Sometimes all we need is just the right outdoor space where we can have a meal outside, hang out with our friends and family or just have some quiet time to connect with ourselves and nature. Try it, then comment below your favourite part of being outside.


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