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The Top 8 Trends in Outdoor Living to Follow.

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

"Staying in is the new going out." Can I just say that truer words have never been spoken? These days there's not much you can do indoors that you can't do outdoors. Over the last 12 years we've been operating we've seen more and more persons treating their outdoor space as an extension of the indoors. They're spending more time in their outdoor spaces relaxing, entertaining and even exercising!

Over the years we have noticed a growing interest in specific areas in the outdoor market in Jamaica some of which overlaps with movements in the North American landscape. If you want to create an outdoor space that is as stylish and comfortable (if not even more) than your indoor space, then these trends are a good place to start for some inspiration! After this reading this post, check out our blog on how to create the perfect outdoor space.

Here are our top 8 outdoor living trends to follow:

  • Swapping Wood for These Alternatives Wood looks amazing- no doubt about it. But, as we said in our deck maintenance blog, inevitably over time, wood fades from sun exposure, rots, warps and splinters. Because of these issues, wood requires regular sanding, restaining and other forms of maintenance. And this maintenance cost adds up! How can you avoid all this, but still get the iconic wood look? Use composite or plastic lumbers! They can be used in the same way that you use wood: for your deck, pergola, and even cladding. With these, you can build it and forget it! We carry two brands of substitutes: Trex and Bedford Technologies. Both come with warranties over 20 years and come in a range of colours to mimic stained wood.

  • Outdoor Kitchen

As far back as 2014, there has been a steady rise in the request for outdoor kitchens. What has changed is what these actually look like. This is no longer a stand-alone grill with a sink to wash up but fully appointed spaces with speciality appliances. These outdoor kitchens bring entertaining to another level because they eliminate the need to travel back and forth between the house and your backyard, there's less crowding and they let you show off your cooking skills! When making your outdoor kitchen, you should consider using weatherproof cabinetry like NatureKast. They come in a variety of styles, they're easy to clean and will last much longer than ordinary cabinets.