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Why You Need a Wooden Fence

Updated: Mar 15

Of all the outdoor structures fences and gates are the most commonly used. Almost all homeowners feel the need to outline their boundaries and secure their yards from stray animals and trespassers alike. Others consider their fences and gates contributors to the curb appeal so the style and finish of these items are important.

wooden fence and gate, stained dark done in Jamaica by Outdoor Projects

Fences are made from a variety of materials such as concrete blocks, metal, wood, chain link, vinyl and composite wood. The material chosen usually depends on budget, the amount of privacy required, the type of security required and the maintenance needed over the years. A wooden fence strikes a good balance between cost and performance in all the other areas.


Benefits of a Wooden Fence

Good neighbour wooden fence surrounding patio area. Done in Jamaica by Outdoor projects
  • Privacy and security The need for privacy and security cannot be overstated for some persons. The option to place the wooden pickets close together can give varying degrees of privacy. The hit-or-miss fence provides privacy while allowing air to pass through the pickets. This is a very important feature, especially during hurricanes. Sometimes greater privacy is required in some areas of the yard. Securing pets and children is one of the core functions of a privacy fence. A good neighbour fence is a great combination fence that provides privacy from the neck down and at eye level one can see and have a good chat with neighbours.

  • Aesthetic Value The natural look of wood makes it suitable in all environments. The nice picket at the beach house, the ranch-style fence in the country, the modern style fence in upscale neighbourhoods. It lends itself well to staining and painting. This allows the fence to be coordinated well to the colour of the house.

Wooden lattice fence painted white. Done in kingston jamaica at a townhouse.
  • Longevity and maintenance Wooden fences can last a long time if maintained properly. Some customers have had their fences over 10 years with just minor repairs once or twice restaining. The major problem to keep a watch for is termite infestation. This can be mitigated by being proactive and treating your premises every three years once they have been detected. Most of the maintenance of a wooden fence is in the restaining, the frequency depending on the quality stain used.

modern dark stained wood & concrete fence. done in Jamaica by outdoor projects

Wood and cut-stone fence done in Kingston Jamaica at office compound by outdoor projects
  • The Versatility Wood lends itself to a variety of styles for fencing. It is ideal for a custom fence by itself or in combination with other materials. At Outdoor Projects, we have created beautiful fences in combination with wood with materials such as wire, metal, concrete, BRC wire, and corrugated zinc sheets. We have even built a wood and stone fence. If you are seeking to build a new fence or repair the one you have, consider using wood give us a call and let us discuss with you a variety of options to provide security, and privacy and add value to your property.


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