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How is SYNLawn Artificial Grass Made?

Among artificial grass manufacturers, SYNLawn has established itself as a beacon of sustainability, reshaping outdoor environments with its cutting-edge artificial grass technology. By using renewable resources like sugarcane as raw materials and constant research and development, SYNLawn crafts synthetic turf that not only mirrors the verdant beauty of natural grass but also champions environmental responsibility. Not to mention, it's also certified PFA-free. Read more or watch the video above to learn about how SYNLawn artificial grass is made to ensure customers get the perfect blend of performance, safety and

The Eco-Friendly Foundation: Envirolock Backing System Powered by Soybeans

SYNLawn’s exclusive EnviroLoc+™ Backing System is an environmentally friendly, multi-layer component system that “locks” in durable turf fibres, extending the product’s life cycle. This transformative technology harnesses the renewable energy of soybean resources, replacing conventional petroleum-based materials and significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with artificial grass production. Soy-based synthetic turf backings replace petroleum-based backings while increasing durability for customers, even in high-traffic areas or adverse weather conditions. Switch to soy, and the grass is always greener.

Superyarn Technology: Redefining Realism and Resilience

A product of SYNLawn's advanced R&D capabilities, Super Yarn™ provides you with the safest, most comfortable artificial turf available. SYNLawn's Super Yarn™ technology combines antimicrobial, anti-static, and IR reflective features for unparalleled turf durability, safety, and comfort. Sanitized® antimicrobial technology helps eliminate pet odours and provides long-lasting protection. It works by eliminating bacterial odours and preventing the buildup of microbes on SYNLawn face fibres. DualChill acts as a thermal shield, strengthening the fibres and allowing them to be more resilient and durable over long time periods. While anti-static components are used in the industry, SYNLawn is the only manufacturer to provide DNA-level functionality. Testing shows up to 17x reduction in static levels when StatBlock™ is introduced into the synthetic turf fibres. This unique blend results in synthetic grass that is exceptionally clean and safe, offering remarkable antimicrobial protection, enhanced IR reflectivity for temperature control, and significant static electricity reduction.

Certified PFA-Free Artificial Grass

Many people ask, "Is artificial grass toxic?" The truth is it depends on who is making the artificial grass. Some contain PFAS - a class of compounds that are known for their extreme persistence in the environment. They can survive for hundreds of years, earning the name “forever chemicals,” and have been linked to negative health impacts. These can include effects on the thyroid and liver, as well as effects on metabolism, development, neurotoxicity, and immunotoxicity. SYNLawn distinguishes itself as a certified PFA-free manufacturer, a distinction that sets it apart from many competing artificial grass brands. Unlike conventional turf products that may contain harmful per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFA), SYNLawn's commitment to consumer health and environmental stewardship is unwavering. Through rigorous testing and adherence to stringent standards, SYNLawn ensures that its artificial grasses are not only visually stunning and durable but also safe for the environment, children and pets.

Shaping a Sustainable Future, Blade by Blade

As sustainability becomes increasingly intertwined with consumer preferences, SYNLawn remains at the forefront of innovation, reshaping outdoor landscapes with its eco-friendly solutions. You can trust that SYNLawn is the most durable, safest, and environmentally friendly option, for residential lawns to commercial developments.

To learn more about SYNLawn Features, you can visit our webpage where we talk more about this.

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